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DZIRAE GOLD is a Denver based Soul group fronted by DZIRAE GOLD herself. Their musical style and taste is vast, but their sound is deeply rooted in the rich tones of DZIRAE's voice. Her rich and sultry vocals have been described to be "as smooth as liquid gold" and "like a blanket of warmth." Her band's finely tuned sound can best be described as Alternative Pop/Soul, which inspired the name "DZIRAE GOLD" - fresh, sexy, and timeless. They are known best for their soulful pop covers and classy jazz standards, however, DZIRAE GOLD's original works will surely stir your heart and mind with her deep, thoughtful lyrics and passionate instrumentals. Her first release is available in stores now, check out her soulful cover of Tones and I's "Dance Monkey" and follow her on Instagram, Facebook, and Spotify to see more on her first original release, "Mr. Smoke," coming soon. 

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Denver, CO, USA


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