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LIVE @ Endiro Coffee

Hello, friends and followers! This past Friday we had the pleasure of performing at Endiro Coffee in Downtown Aurora for the First Friday Food Truck Festival. It was a long set--3 hours long to be exact, which gave a lot of people the opportunity to swing by.

For this fact, we are very grateful for the opportunity and the experience of playing 3 hours of our own music (along with a handful of covers we really enjoy)! We received a great amount of feedback from the evening, especially regarding the original music that will be available to purchase and stream this fall, on our first LP, "Real"

To get you excited about the upcoming album, here are a few unsolicited reviews from the show attendees and online viewers this past Friday:

"Very fun night, you guys were awesome! The setting was beautiful,

the coffee shop was way cool, and you two were spot on!" - Carla S.

"You are soooo fire emoji. So happy I as able to come and see you. Everyone should. You were on fire." - Samantha P.

"You guys are awesome" - Chelsea T.

"Loved watching you perform, can’t wait for the album. You’re incredible!" - Darren .L

"The night couldn’t have been more perfect! Great music,

beautiful setting, outstanding food and wonderful coffee

and hot chocolate. You guys hit it out of the park!" - Jeff S.

"It was such a great evening. I look forward to seeing you again." - JD

"So awesome and looking GORGEOUS" - Lindsey W.

"Thank you for making it a point to get out to the burbs to share your

amazing talents with us. While your covers were amazing, your originals

are where its at! I’ve had multiple songs stuck in my head since last night."

- John B.

If you didn't manage to make it out this time, don't fret. We'll make it a point to perform again in the suburbs soon!!

Until then, Please don't forget to like and subscribe to our website, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc!


Dezirae Schalice

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